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Dear Patient's

Effective: January 1, 2021

Membership(s) must be up to date at “ALL” times. The recommendations and following guidelines will need to be followed by “ALL” THCE members in order to get prescription refills, supplements, therapies, IV’s, along wih any and all other services offered now or in the future by THCE.

General Health Patients “Blood Work” is required every 6 months

Blood Test: THCE has certain follow-up testing to help monitor your progress:

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Extensive (CMPEXT) Hemoglobin (A1C) Vitamin D (1,25 di-OH) QCRP LIPID

Cancer Patient “Blood Work” is required every 3 months

Required R.G.C.C Follow Up Test are Every 3 Months: Pricing varies daily based on Euro: ONCOCOUNT ® ONCOTRACE ® ONCOTRAIL ® ONCONOMICS ® IMMUNE FRAME ®

MM slash DD slash YYYY